What is computation?

  • (noun): The procedure of calculating; determining something by mathematical or logical methods.
    Synonyms: calculation, computing
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Computation is any type of calculation or use of computing technology in information processing. Computation is a process following a well-defined model understood and expressed as, for example, an algorithm, or a protocol.

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Categorical Abstract Machine - Overview
... It took its place in computer science as a kind of theory of computation for programmers, represented by Cartesian closed category and embedded into the combinatory logic ... optimized using the equational form of a theory of computation ... Using CAM, the various mechanisms of computation such as recursion or lazy evaluation can be emulated as well as parameter passing, such as call by name, call by value, and so on ...
Computation - History - Comparison To Calculation
... See Calculation#Comparison to computation. ...
Strength Of Schedule - Computation
... Furthermore, several more factors may be added, such as the position of the team in the league, the strength of the team's division or conference, which games count in the formula and which don't (vital in the Bowl Championship Series), the locations of the games (see home team and home advantage) and others. ...
Louis-Philippe Morency - Biography
... Creative Technologies where he leads the Multimodal Communication and Computation Laboratory (MultiComp Lab) ... main research interest is computational study of human multimodal computation, a multi-disciplinary research topic that overlays the fields of multi-modal interaction, machine learning, computer vision ... He received many awards for his work on nonverbal behavior computation including four best papers awards in the last two years (at various IEEE and ACM conferences) ...
Software Components OTA - Approaches - Computation
... Computation processes the output from the software compiler and linker to generate optimized update instructions ...

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    I suppose that Paderewski can play superbly, if not quite at his best, while his thoughts wander to the other end of the world, or possibly busy themselves with a computation of the receipts as he gazes out across the auditorium. I know a great actor, a master technician, can let his thoughts play truant from the scene ...
    Minnie Maddern Fiske (1865–1932)