West Falkland

West Falkland is the second largest of the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic. It is a hilly island, separated from East Falkland by the Falkland Sound. Its area is 4,532 square kilometres (1,750 square miles), 37% of the total area of the islands. Its coastline is 1,258.7 kilometres (782.1 miles) long.

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West Falkland - History - Falklands War
... West Falkland saw some activity during the Falklands War in 1982 Fox Bay, Port Howard and Pebble Island were all occupied by Argentine troops during the hostilities and were subjected to occasional British naval ... The most significant skirmish on West Falkland was perhaps the skirmish at Many Branch Point, near Port Howard ...
Falkland Islands - Geography
... The Falkland Islands are located in the South Atlantic Ocean on a projection of the Patagonian Shelf about 310 miles (500 kilometres) east of the Patagonian coastline and about 280 ... The Falklands, which have a total land area of 4,700 square miles (12,173 square kilometres) and a coastline estimated at 2,200 miles (3,500 km) comprise two main. 61°05′ W and are 140 miles (220 km) from east to west and 87 miles (140 km) from north to south ...
Gavin Hamilton (British Army Officer) - West Falkland
... of a four man observation patrol into positions, again behind enemy lines on West Falkland to carry out observation of Argentine activities in Port Howard ...
Geology Of The Falkland Islands - Geological Structure - Folding of West Falkland
... Most of the layers of West Falkland and its satellite islands are slightly inclined from the horizontal ... The Hornby Mountains, near Falkland Sound have experienced tectonic forces of uplift and folding by which the beds of the West Falkland Group, the Fitzroy ...
Chartres, Falkland Islands
... Chartres is one of the main settlements on West Falkland, in the Falkland Islands ... It is on the west coast of West Falkland, at the mouth of Chartres River, at the eastern shore of King George Bay ... One of the two only proper roads on West Falkland runs between Chartres and Port Howard ...

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