Wao may refer to:

  • Wao, Lanao del Sur
  • The Wao language, a.k.a. Huaorani language
  • Wet Air Oxidation (a wastewater treatment technology)
  • Wacken Open Air, also known as W:O:A

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Mari Hanafusa - Elisabeth Trivia
... two deaths (Maki Ichiro and Asato Shizuki), married to two Franz Josephs (Fubuki Takane and Yōka Wao), assassinated by two Luigi Luchenis (Yū Todoroki and Wataru ... She crowned four Prince Rudolfs (Tatsuki Kōju, Yōka Wao, Hikaru Asami and Sakiho Juri) because Kōju and Asami changed troupes before the Tokyo performance and were substituted by Wao and Juri ... Luigi Lucheni )--> Snow Troupe Tatsuki Kōju (Rudolf )--> Star Troupe Yōka Wao (Rudolf and Franz Joseph )--> Cosmos Troupe Wataru Kozuki (Luigi Lucheni )--> Star Troupe Hikaru Asami (Rudolf ...
Huaorani - Etymology
... The word Waodani (plural of Wao "person") means "humans" or "men" in Wao Tiriro ... The sounds represented by the English and Spanish letters d, r and n are allophones in Wao Tededo ...
Wataru Kozuki - Wao, Kozuki and Elisabeth
... Yōka Wao, who is a year senior than Kozuki, shares some similarities of their career related to Elisabeth Both are the veterans from the production of 1997 Snow and Star when they participated ... Wao portrayed Elmer in the Takarazuka run in the 1997 Snow production and Kozuki portrayed the same role in both locations ...
Junot Díaz - Awards and Nominations
... Fiction for The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao 2007 Salon Book Award for The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao 2007 National Book Critics Circle Award for ...
Mari Hanafusa - Facts
... troupe), Fubuki Takane (Snow), Yū Todoroki (Snow), Asato Shizuki (Cosmos) and Yōka Wao (Cosmos)--the latter her partner the longest—over the course of twelve years, Hanafusa enjoyed the longest run as star ... Cosmos Troupe with Asato Shizuki, Yōka Wao, Wataru Kozuki and Hikaru Asami with an overseas performance in Hong Kong ... she came out of retirement and performed on stage along with Yōka Wao in Wao's concert ...