Vicar Apostolic

  • (noun): A titular Roman Catholic bishop in a non-Catholic area.

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Catholic Church In England And Wales - History - Eighteenth Century
... Deprived of their dioceses, four Apostolic Vicariates were set up throughout England until the re-establishment of the diocesan episcopacy in 1850 ... at this time (roughly from 1688 to 1850) was called a Vicar apostolic ... A Vicar Apostolic was a titular bishop (as opposed to a diocesan bishop) through whom the pope exercised jurisdiction over a particular church territory in England ...
Roman Catholic Bishop Of Gibraltar - List of Roman Catholic Bishops - Apostolic Vicariate of Gibraltar
... Appointed Resigned, Retired or Died 1 John Baptist Nosardy Zino Vicar Apostolic 25 January 2 ... Henry Hughes Vicar Apostolic 15 March 1856. 3 ...
Apostolic Vicariate Of Northern Victoria Nyanza - History
1878 by the White Fathers of Cardinal Lavigerie, was erected into a Vicariate Apostolic on 31 May 1883, with Mgr ... Livinhac as the first vicar Apostolic ... Nyanza into three autonomous missions the Vicariate Apostolic of Southern Nyanza in the German Protectorate, of which Mgr ...
Sasbout Vosmeer - Life
... and in 1583 he returned to Delft, where on 1 May he was made vicar general to the Archdiocese of Utrecht ... in Cologne and in 1601 he made Albertus Eggius vicar general of the diocese of Haarlem ... century, Vosmeer was officially appointed to head the Catholic community in the Dutch Republic as vicar apostolic by Pope Clement VIII in Rome on 22 September 1602, on which occasion ...
Thomas Walsh (vicar Apostolic)
... (1776-1849) was a Roman Catholic clergyman and Vicar Apostolic who served the Midlands area of the United Kingdom ... At the age of 46, he was made Coadjutor Vicar Apostolic of the Midland District (of England) by the Pope, Leo XII, with the title of bishop of Cambysopylis, assisting Bishop John Milner ... In 1848, he was named Vicar Apostolic of the London District, with the intention of him being the first Archbishop of Westminster when the hierarchy was to be restored in 1850, but he ...

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    And this is law, I will maintain,
    Until my dying day, Sir,
    That whatsoever king shall reign,
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    —Unknown. The Vicar of Bray (l. 9–12)