In the broadest sense, a vicar ( /ˈvɪkər/; Latin: vicarius) is a representative, deputy or substitute; anyone acting "in the person of" or agent for a superior (compare "vicarious" in the sense of "at second hand"). In this sense, the title is comparable to lieutenant. Linguistically, vicar is the root of the English prefix "vice", similarly meaning "deputy".

The title appears in a number of Christian ecclesiastical contexts, but also as an administrative title, or title modifier, in the Roman Empire. In addition, in the Holy Roman Empire a local representative of the emperor, perhaps an archduke, might be styled "vicar".

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Peter Munch Brager
... At that time he was a vicar in Lenvig he was later appoined vicar in Øiestad ... His son followed in his footsteps as a vicar ...
Søren Georg Abel - Career
... In 1794 he was hired as chaplain under his father, who was vicar in Gierestad og Wegaardsheien parish ... with Peder Hansen, bishop of Agder, Hansen suggested that Abel be appointed vicar in Bygland in 1798 ... This never materialized, but Abel was appointed vicar in Findøe the next year ...
Notable Vicars
... In either tradition, a vicar can be the priest of a "chapel of ease", a building within the parish which is not the parish church ... Non-resident canons led also to the institution of vicars choral, each canon having his own vicar, who sat in his stall in his absence (see Cathedral) ... Oliver Goldsmith's novel The Vicar of Wakefield (1766) and the Barsetshire novels of Anthony Trollope, and in France Honoré de Balzac's The Curate of Tours (Le Curé de Tours) (1832) all ...
Serious Charge - Plot
... The unmarried vicar Reverend Howard Phillips (Anthony Quayle), newly arrived in a parish, accuses a local 19 year old thug and petty criminal, Larry Thompson (Andrew Ray) of being ... and as an attempt to divert attention, the teenager accuses the vicar of molesting him ... Unfortunately for the vicar, the woman is a highly respected member of the community, her father being the parish’s previous clergyman ...
San Sebastian Parish - Clergy - Vicar-General
... The Vicar-General assists the bishop in the administrative duties over the diocese ... Ramil Marcos, the Vicar-General serves also as adviser for the diocesan seminarians ...

Famous quotes containing the word vicar:

    And this is law, I will maintain,
    Until my dying day, Sir,
    That whatsoever king shall reign,
    I’ll be the Vicar of Bray, Sir.
    —Unknown. The Vicar of Bray (l. 9–12)

    I have this very moment finished reading a novel called The Vicar of Wakefield [by Oliver Goldsmith].... It appears to me, to be impossible any person could read this book through with a dry eye and yet, I don’t much like it.... There is but very little story, the plot is thin, the incidents very rare, the sentiments uncommon, the vicar is contented, humble, pious, virtuous—but upon the whole the book has not at all satisfied my expectations.
    Frances Burney (1752–1840)