Ventral Striatum

The ventral striatum is a portion of the striatum.

It consists of the nucleus accumbens and the olfactory tubercle.

Some sources also include the ventromedial parts of the caudate nucleus and putamen.

It is considered a reward center.

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Reward Dependence - Brain Physiology
... The striatum, especially the dorsal regions, is necessary to carry out these functions ... (the endorphine system) in the bilateral ventral striatum a core substrate of the reward circuit which is strongly implicated in addictive behavior development ... approval) have more opiate receptors found in the ventral striatum, whereas people with low reward dependence have a lower concentration of receptors ...
Organization - Anatomical Subdivisions - Ventral Striatum
... The ventral striatum is strongly associated with emotional and motivational aspects of behavior ... The nucleus accumbens The olfactory tubercle The ventral striatum is clearly delineated by tracing the subicular (subiculum) territory ... The ventral striatum is generally associated with limbic structures, such as the amygdala, hippocampus, midline thalamus, and certain regions of the ...