VED or Ved may refer to:

  • Vedas, a Hindu religious text
  • Vehicle Excise Duty, paid to acquire a vehicle licence in UK
  • Visual Enunciation Display, a telecommunications device for the deaf
  • Ved, a fictional character from The Tribe (TV series)

Other articles related to "ved":

... Bhedābheda Vedānta is one of the several traditions of Vedānta philosophy in India ... The characteristic position of all the different Bhedābheda Vedānta schools is that the individual self (jīvātman) is both different and not different from the ultimate reality known as Brahman ... Bhedābheda reconciles the positions of two other major schools of Vedānta ...
Schwentine - History
... source of the Schwentine was not on the Bungsberg, but in the vicinity of Bornhöved ... In the Battle of Bornhöved (German Schlacht bei Bornhöved) on the field of Sventanafeld (Sventanapolje or "Schwentine field") near the village of Bornhöved near Neumünster in 798 the Obodrites, led ...
Proto-Indo-European Particles - Adverbs - Adverbs Used As Adpositions
... Particle Meaning Reflexes *h₂epo / h₂po / apo from Ved ... ante *h₂eu off, away, too much, very Ved ... of, off *h₂n̥-bʰi / *h₂m̥-bʰi around (→ both) Ved ...
Tattwabodhini Sabha - Objectives and Beliefs
... the Sabhā was to promote a more rational and humanist form of Hinduism based on the Vedānta, the Upanishads that form the last part of the Vedās ... presence in Calcutta tending to view the Classical branch of 'Avaida' Vedānta as amoral and renunciatory, the Tattwabodhinī Sabhā aimed to shield themselves and their reformed faith from ... he has to explore his own sacred resources, the Vedānta, that the society was originally established" ...