Valli - The Wedding

The Wedding

After the millet harvest was over, the chief with his daughter and entourage returned to their native land. The Lord, again returned for His devotee and The Divine Couple enjoyed love sports away from Srimati Valli's family. Nambi Raja on being alerted about Srimati Valli's absence, flew into rage and went in search of Her. When they finally found The Lord along with Srimati Valli, the chief and followers shot arrows at Him, but they all failed to even touch the Lord and instead, the chief his sons fell lifeless. Goddess Valli was disheartened to see the lifeless bodies of her kith and kin, and requested to the Lord to bring them back to life. Lord Murugan instructed Her to revive them Herself and by Her mere touch everyone was brought back to life. The chief Nambi Raja and his tribesmen realised that it was their God of Mountains, in the form of the old man and prayed to Him. Lord Muruga took his true form and blessed the tribesmen, and the chief conducted the marriage between his daughter and the Lord.

This place came to be known as Vallimalai, the divine place were Lord Muruga and Goddess Valli spent their times of courtship and eventually got married. It is located in Vellore District of Tamil Nadu state, in South India.

After their wedding, Lord Murugan and Goddess Valli, moved to Thiruthani, which is one of the Arupadai Veedu (the six battle camps) of the Lord.

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