U.S. Route 66 in Arizona - Structures


A Desert Power & Water Co., Electric Power Plant built in 1908 closed in 1938, soon after the Hoover Dam was completed; it now houses a visitor information office and Kingman, Arizona's chamber of commerce.

The Schoolhouse at Truxton Canyon Training School in Valentine operated from 1903-1937 as a mandatory boarding school in which Hualapai were separated from their families and put to work learning various trades. Long a symbol of forced assimilation, the historic building is now the property of the Hualapai Nation.

The Peach Springs Trading Post, constructed in 1928 using local stone and logs, replaced an earlier 1917 trading post at Peach Springs. Its original role was to trade native crafts for foodstuffs, medicine and household goods. The building now houses Hualapai conservation offices.

Lowell Observatory, an astronomical observatory established in Flagstaff in 1894, is one of the oldest observatories in the United States and a designated National Historic Landmark. Flagstaff's Santa Fe Railroad Depot, built in 1926, is the busiest of the eight Arizona Amtrak stations and includes a visitor information office. Flagstaff's 43-room Hotel Monte Vista was established in 1927.

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