Ultraviolet Light

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Non-ionizing Radiation - Types of Non-ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation - Near Ultraviolet Radiation
... Ultraviolet light can cause burns to skin and cataracts to the eyes ... Ultraviolet is classified into near, medium and far UV according to energy, where near and medium ultraviolet are technically non-ionizing, but where all UV wavelengths can ... For example, ultraviolet light, even in the non-ionizing range, can produce free radicals that induce cellular damage, and can be carcinogenic ...
Ultraviolet Light Therapy
... Ultraviolet light therapy or ultraviolet Phototherapy is a form of treatment for certain skin disorders (including atopic skin disorder and vitiligo when used with psoralen to form the PUVA treatment ... This treatment is similar to the light from good quality solariums but differs from the mainly UVB ultraviolet band used to treat psoriasis ...
List Of Star Wars Species (A–E) - Defel
... They are from a large, high-gravity, seldom-visited world orbiting the ultraviolet supergiant Ka'Dedus ... Af'El has no ozone layer and ultraviolet light passes freely to the surface, while other light wavelengths are blocked by the heavy gases in the planet's atmosphere ... Thus, all life forms on Af'El can only see in ultraviolet light ranges, and are blind to other wavelengths of light ...
Full-spectrum Photography - Basics
... Digital sensors and photographic films can be made to record non-visible ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation ... For example, most photographic lenses are made of glass and will filter out most ultraviolet light ... For example, a standard red #25a can be used to include red light and infrared light together, yielding particularly strong two-toned color images of a reddish ...
Peppered Moth - Ecology and Life Cycle - Resting Behaviour
... However, birds are capable of seeing ultraviolet light that humans cannot see ... Using an ultraviolet-sensitive video camera, Majerus et al ... showed that typica reflect ultraviolet light in a speckled fashion and are camouflaged against crustose lichens common on branches, both in ultraviolet and human-visible wavelengths ...

Famous quotes containing the words light and/or ultraviolet:

    When the spirit brings light into our minds, it dispels darkness. We see it, as we do that of the sun at noon, and need not the twilight of reason to show it us. This light from heaven is strong, clear, and pure carries its own demonstration with it; and we may as naturally take a glow-worm to assist us to discover the sun, as to examine the celestial ray by our dim candle, reason.
    John Locke (1632–1704)

    Like ultraviolet rays memory shows to each man in the book of life a script that invisibly and prophetically glosses the text.
    Walter Benjamin (1892–1940)