Uitvoerend Bewind

The Uitvoerend Bewind (Dutch for Executive Authority) was the name of the government of the Batavian Republic between 1798 and 1801. The president of the Uitvoerend Bewind was head of state of the Batavian Republic.

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Batavian Republic - Stages in The History of The New Republic - The Uitvoerend Bewind - The coup D'état of The Moderates
... Agenten were disturbed about the inefficiency of the Uitvoerend Bewind ... in which he disturbed a dinner party of Delacroix and three members of the Uitvoerend Bewind, violating the diplomatic immunity of the ambassador by putting pistols to his chest ... The fall of the Vreede-Fijnje Bewind opened the way for the actual implementation of the new constitution ...
Uitvoerend Bewind - Dutch Heads of State Between 1798 and 1801
... From To 25 January 24 ... February 1798 Pieter Vreede Uitvoerend Bewind 25 February 24 ... March 1798 Wijbo Fijnje 25 March 24 ... April 1798 Stefanus Jacobus van Langen 25 April 24 ... May ...
Alexander Gogel - Career
... he was appointed agent for finance and foreign affairs (pro tem) under the new Uitvoerend Bewind ... He then became a member of the Uitvoerend Bewind himself for a short while, till elections had been held for a new Representative Assembly ... on whose tenets the plan was based, was being undermined by the Uitvoerend Bewind itself ...