Twisted Nematic

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Super-twisted Nematic Display
... A super-twisted nematic display (STN) is a type of monochrome passive-matrix liquid crystal display (LCD) ... Standard twisted nematic (TN) LCDs with a 90 degrees twisted structure of the molecules have a contrast vs ... STN displays, with the molecules twisted from 180 to 270 degrees, have superior characteristics ...
International Display Works - Products
... International Display Works manufactures many different types of nematics which are a main component in the LCD television ... These include twisted nematic, high performance twisted nematic, super-twisted nematic, color super-twisted nematic, and film compensated super-twisted ...
Martin Schadt - Key Publications
... Voltage-Dependent Optical Activity of a Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal (TN-LCD) M ... First Publication of the twisted nematic (TN)-effect after its invention and patent filing at Roche in December 1970 ... Phenyl-pyri-midines were the first, low operating voltage nematics enabling the development of TN-LCDs with increased information content for pocket calculators and dot-matrix ...
Twisted Nematic Field Effect - Description
... The twisted nematic effect is based on the precisely controlled realignment of liquid crystal molecules between different ordered molecular configurations under ... to the right show both the OFF and the ON-state of a single picture element (pixel) of a twisted nematic light modulator liquid crystal display operating in the "normally white" mode ... when no electrical field is applied, a twisted configuration (aka helical structure or helix) of nematic liquid crystal molecules is formed between two glass plates, G in ...
Liquid Crystal Display - Active Matrix Technologies - Twisted Nematic (TN)
... See also twisted nematic field effect Twisted nematic displays contain liquid crystals that twist and untwist at varying degrees to allow light to pass through ... crystal cell, polarized light passes through the 90-degrees twisted LC layer ...

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