Tusker can mean:

  • an elephant bearing tusks
  • an adult male wild boar, particularly the American razorback population
  • Tusker (beer), a Kenyan beer bottled by East African Breweries
  • The East Africa rugby union team who tour under the nickname The Tuskers
  • Tusker FC, a Kenyan football club owned by the East African Breweries
  • Florida Tuskers, a franchise in the United Football League
  • Kochi Tuskers Kerala, a franchise in the Indian Premier League
  • A historic US Army unit, the 4th Battalion, 64th Armored Regiment -- Tuskers
  • A range of fork lift solid tyres manufactured by STARCO Group

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List Of Kiba Characters - Key Spirits - Tusker
... In the anime, Tusker is the result of the 6 Key Spirits brought together ... Tusker is said to be the power that created and can destroy the world ... was the only Spirit that couldn't be controlled by Tusker probably because it was a compound spirit simillar to Tusker) ...
East African Breweries - Association Football Sponsorships - Kenyan Premier League - Tusker F.C.
... Tusker FC is a football club owned by East African Breweries ... Tusker has two home stadiums, the Moi International Sports Centre, where it mainly plays its home matches, and the Ruaraka Sports Ground ...
List Of Kiba Characters - Neotopia - Diana
... She later approaches Noa after he resurrects Tusker, pleading that he let go of the power ... until she was knocked out by the power of Tusker ... Her unconscious body is seen being carried by a revived Noa after Tusker is destroyed ...
List Of Kiba Characters - Tusk - Morima
... Her ultimate plan is to make sure that Tusker, the one she adores the most, gets resurrected, in order for him the destroy the current world, and then create a new one ... After Noa gains all the key Spirits and resurrects Tusker, she uses a move shard to arrive at his location ... Delighted to see that Tusker is right in front of her, she approaches him, but is subsequently stabbed by Noa ...