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Delores Padilla
(Rebeka Montoya, 2011—12)
Detective for the Port Charles Police Department. Takes on several of Dante Falconeri's cases after he is shot. Married to Eddie Cabrera, who is suspected of assaulting strippers in Port Charles. Incriminates herself while working for Johnny Zacchara to get evidence against Sonny.
Jonathan Paget (deceased)
(Gregory Beecroft, 1990)
The pseudonym used by a presumed Duke Lavery after undergoing plastic surgery. Duke had been presumed dead in a building explosion and Paget claims he joined the Witness Protection Program. Unable to go on without Anna and Robin, a desperate Duke becomes Paget to return to his family. Robin immediately takes to Paget, but Anna is suspicious of him and it is not until Olivia Jerome blurts out Paget's identity that Anna finally accepts that he is Duke. Paget is killed soon after by Julian Jerome. In 2012, it was revealed that Paget was an impostor, trying to steal Duke's identity under orders from Julian.
Trent Parker (deceased)
(Trent Cameron, 2004)
Killed by Mary Bishop in 2004.
Blackie Parrish
(John Stamos, 1982–84)
Foster son of Rick and Lesley Webber. Foster brother of Laura Spencer. Sent to prison for eighteen months for manslaughter.
Cody Paul
(Graham Shiels, 2007–08)
An Iraq war veteran with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Seeks Dr. Lainey Winters for treatment. Former army buddy of Cooper Barrett, with a vendetta against Logan Hayes. Goes to prison for the murder of Lainey's father, Roger, after turning off the life support machine, believing it to be the wishes of both Lainey and her father. Returns in 2008 and briefly works for Jason Morgan.
Bryan Phillips
(Todd Davis, 1978–86)
Son of Eddie and Estelle Phillips. Husband of Claudia Johnston Phillips. Father of twin daughters. Shot while being held hostage in 1983 with Monica Quartermaine and Bobbie Spencer.
Claudia Johnston Phillips
(Bianca Ferguson, 1978–87)
Wife of Bryan Phillips. Mother of twin daughters.
Donna Phillips
(Unknown actress, 1987)
Daughter of Bryan and Claudia Phillips. Sister of Francine Phillips.
Eddie Phillips
(Sammy Davis Jr., 1983)
The alcoholic father of Bryan Phillips. Sammy Davis Jr. was a fan of the series and requested the role.
Francine Phillips
(Unknown actress, 1987)
Daughter of Bryan and Claudia Phillips. Sister of Donna Phillips.
Henry Pinkham
(Peter Kilman, 1969–75)
Doctor at General Hospital that marries Sharon McGillis. Takes drugs after being overworked, and is blackmailed by pushers until Steve Hardy and Lee Baldwin help him. The character is written off in October 1975.
Sharon McGillis Pinkham
(Sharon DeBord, 1965–74)
Nurse at General Hospital that marries Henry Pinkham. After their child is born, Sharon has a hard time returning to work. She is upset when Henry hires Nurse Linda Cooper and divorces Henry when she leaves town to care for her mother.
Buddy Powers (deceased)
(mentioned character)
First husband of Mary Mae Ward. Was killed during World War II, and left Mary Mae a widow at age 18.
John Prentice (deceased)
(Barry Atwater, 1964–67)
Obstetrician at General Hospital, cousin of Jan Brown. Marries Jessie Brewer in 1967 and shortly dies of an accidental prescription overdoes. His daughter Polly Prentice tries to frame Jessie for his murder.
Polly Prentice (deceased)
(Kathy Ferrar, 1966; Jennifer Billingsley, 1967–69)
Polly disapproves of her father John Prentice's marriage to Jessie Brewer. When John dies, Polly tries to frame Jessie for the murder, but it is deemed an accident. Jessie remarries Phil Brewer, and Polly has an affair with him. Phil is suspected of murdering Polly and goes on the run, but Polly's death is deemed an accident.
Charlie Prince
(Michael Tylo, 1989)
Paternal half-brother of Larry Ashton. Uncle of Ned Ashton. Great-uncle of Brook Lynn Ashton.
Grant Putnam
(Brian Patrick Clarke, 1984, 1987–88)
Frames Grant Andrews for attempted murder. Tries to kill former fiancee Celia Quartermaine in 1984 and tries to sabotage her wedding to Grant Andrews. Arrested by Robert Scorpio, and in an attempt to get revenge kidnaps Anna Devane and tries to kidnap Robin Scorpio in 1988. Murders Filomena Soltini. Sent back to the sanitarium after finally being caught. Also known as the Snowman.

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