Tonal may refer to:

  • Tonal (mythology), a concept appearing in the belief systems and traditions of Mesoamerican cultures, involving a spiritual link between a person and an animal
  • a tonal language, a classification of languages where some combination of high-low pitch has a phonemic distinction
  • tonality, a system of writing music involving the relationship of pitch to some centered key
  • Tonal System is a hexadecimal (base 16) system of notation, arithmetic, and metrology proposed by Nystrom in 1859.

Other articles related to "tonal":

Thematic Development Of Italian Renaissance Painting - Elements of Renaissance Painting - Light
... Tonal arrangement is a very significant feature of some paintings ... The tonal pattern thus created is a significant element in the composition of the painting ... However, the painting relies strongly on the tonal contrasts of the pale face, mid-tone background and dark garment with patterned bodice for effect ...
Jingpho Language - Tonal
... For Example Wa (high short tone) compensate Á Wa (middle tone) teeth Ä Wa (high tone) father à Wa (Low tone) come back Ā Wa (Low short tone) pig Ą Tones are not usually marked in writing. ...
Sotho Phonology - Tonology
... Sesotho is a tonal language spoken using two contrasting tones low and high further investigation reveals, however, that in reality it is only the high tones that are explicitly specified on ... Unlike the tonal systems of languages such as Mandarin, where each syllable basically has an immutable tone, the tonal systems of the Niger–Congo languages are much more complex in that several "tonal ...
Scottish Gaelic Phonology - Tones
... Sweden and western Denmark these languages have tonal contours typical for monosyllabic words and those for disyllabic words ... Another example is the tonal difference between ainm and anam, the latter of which has the tonal contour appropriate to a disyllable ... These tonal differences are not to be found in Ireland or elsewhere in the Scottish Gàidhealtachd ...
Musical Aptitude
... In music, tonal memory is the ability to recall or produce a previously sounded tone with voice or an instrument ... Tonal memory assists with staying in tune and may be developed through ear training ... Extensive tonal memory may be recognized as an indication of potential compositional ability ...