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List Of Bucky O'Hare Characters - Toad Empire Subjects and Allies - Toad Air Marshall
... Toad Air Marshall Gender Male Species Toad Affiliation Toad Empire Position Supreme Commander of the Toad Fleet Vehicle Toad Mothership Homeworld Toad Homeworld Skin color Green Eye color Black ... O'Hare as his greatest enemy, even though Bucky doesn't really seem to care about the Air Marshall personally, and the two rarely confront one another face to face ... Their plan failed, but later Komplex gave the Air Marshall back his position as Frix and Frax fouled up even worse than he had ...

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    Our policy is directed not against any country or doctrine, but against hunger, poverty, desperation and chaos. Its purpose should be the revival of a working economy in the world so as to permit the emergence of political and social conditions in which free institutions can exist.
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    Ask a toad what beauty is, the supreme beauty, the to kalon. He will tell you it is his lady toad with her two big round eyes coming out of her little head, her large flat snout, yellow belly, brown back.
    Voltaire [Fran├žois Marie Arouet] (1694–1778)

    Now Air is hush’d, save where the weak-ey’d Bat,
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    Or where the Beetle winds
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