Time Scales

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Wind Power Forecasting - Time Scales of Forecasts
... Forecasting of the wind power generation may be considered at different time scales, depending on the intended application ... For longer time scales (up to 5–7 days ahead), forecasts may be considered for planning the maintenance of wind farms, or conventional power plants or ...
Ocean Observations - Historical Data Available
... parameters at the annual, seasonal, and monthly time scales ... objectively analyzed fields of major ocean parameters at monthly, seasonal, and annual time scales ... ocean parameters at monthly, seasonal, and annual time scales ...
Tropical Year - Time Scales
... As mentioned in History, advances in time-keeping have resulted in various time scales ... One useful time scale is Universal Time (especially the UT1 variant), which is the mean solar time at 0 degrees longitude (the Greenwich meridian) ... This time scale is known to be somewhat variable ...
Dynamical Time Scale - Time Standards
... length of the day) was both irregular on short time scales, and was slowing down on longer time scales ... with their gravitational ephemerides would be a better way to determine a uniform time scale ... this kind was published in 1948 and adopted by the IAU in 1952 (see Ephemeris time - history) ...
Theory of Heat Capacity - Energy Storage Mode "freeze-out" Temperatures
... At room temperature, the proton spins of hydrogen gas are aligned 75% of the time, resulting in orthohydrogen when they are ... "catch up" with temperature changes of substances, only after a certain time ... transition contributes to the heat capacity of hydrogen on long time-scales, but not on short time-scales ...

Famous quotes containing the words scales and/or time:

    As deaths have accumulated I have begun to think of life and death as a set of balance scales. When one is young, the scale is heavily tipped toward the living. With the first death, the first consciousness of death, the counter scale begins to fall. Death by death, the scales shift weight until what was unthinkable becomes merely a matter of gravity and the fall into death becomes an easy step.
    Alison Hawthorne Deming (b. 1946)

    A house means a family house, a place specially meant for putting children and men in so as to restrict their waywardness and distract them from the longing for adventure and escape they’ve had since time began.
    Marguerite Duras (b. 1914)