In the fictional universe of Warhammer Fantasy, Tilea is the region of the warhammer world roughly analogous with that of renaissance Italy and Polis, an ancient Greek city-states. Tilea is also home to mercenaries of many races, men being the most common, but also dwarves and ogres fight in the armies of the Merchant Princes. The Dogs of War army in Warhammer Fantasy, as yet not having received an Army Book for 6th (nor 7th (nor 8th)) Edition, represents the armies of the various Merchant Princes and are composed entirely of hired mercenaries.

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Athel Loren - Realms of Men - Smaller States of The Old World
... Tilea — South of the Irrana Mountains and the Vaults ... The fractious city-states of Tilea embrace trade, exploration and civil war with equal passion ... Tilea roughly corresponds to real world's Renaissance Italy ...
Timeline of Tilea - Era of Enlightenment
... c 2000 - Art, culture and prosperity spread throughout Tilea ... c 2321-99 - Recurrent famines grip Tilea ...