Thunder Lizards

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Bone Sharps, Cowboys, And Thunder Lizards - Plot Summary - Thunder Lizards
... Later, Marsh is attending a conference on telephony hosted by Alexander Graham Bell it is here he learns that his USGS expense tab (to which he had been charging drinks) has been withdrawn, his publication has been suspended, and the fossils he found as part of the USGS are to be returned to the Survey ... His colleagues now shun him, the Bone War feud having alienated them, and he is forced to go to Barnum to try to obtain a loan, with the very Mexican antiquities he'd outbid Barnum on before as collatoral ...

Famous quotes containing the words lizards and/or thunder:

    We’re not blind and we’re not fools. We’re just plain, sensible people who refuse to be fooled by a lot of supernatural nonsense.... There’s no magic in dried lizards and dead chickens.
    —Eric Taylor. Robert Siodmak. Frank Stanley (Robert Paige)

    You will trail across the rocks
    and wash them with your salt,
    you will curl between sand-hills
    you will thunder along the cliff
    break retreat get fresh strength
    gather and pour weight upon the beach.
    Hilda Doolittle (1886–1961)