Theodore II

Theodore II can refer to:

  • Pope Theodore II who reigned for twenty days during December 897
  • Theodore II Laskaris, emperor of Nicaea (Byzantine Emperor in exile), 1254–1258
  • Theodore II Palaiologos (c.1396–1448), Despot in Morea from 1407 to 1443
  • Theodore II, Marquess of Montferrat (died 1418), also of the Palaiologos dynasty
  • Tewodros II of Ethiopia, Theodore II, Emperor of Ethiopia, 1855–1868
  • Patriarch Theodore II of Alexandria (born 1954), current (since 2004) Eastern Orthodox Patriarch of Alexandria
  • Pope Theodoros II of Alexandria, Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria (since 2012)

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George Mouzalon - Biography - Appointment As Regent and Assassination
... Shortly before Theodore II died on 16 August 1258, he left George Mouzalon, along with Patriarch Arsenios, as regent and guardian of his 8-year old son John IV ... unpopular with the clergy because he was associated with Theodore's high-handed treatment of the Church, and with the people, who feared that he would try to usurp the throne ... In addition, they probably resented Theodore's intention to raise a "national" army composed solely of Byzantine Greeks, and Mouzalon is recorded by Pachymeres to have ...
Cadaver Synod - Aftermath
... In December 897, Pope Theodore II (897) convened a synod that annulled the Cadaver Synod, rehabilitated Formosus, and ordered that his body, which had been recovered from ... Rome, one in Ravenna) which confirmed the findings of Theodore II's synod, ordered the acta of the Cadaver Synod destroyed, and prohibited any future trial of a dead person ... who as bishop had taken part in the Cadaver Synod as a co-judge, overturned the rulings of Theodore II and John IX, reaffirming Formosus' conviction, and had a laudatory epitaph ...
Theodore II Palaiologos, Lord Of Morea - Life
... Theodore II Palaiologos was a son of the Eastern Roman Emperor Manuel II Palaiologos and his wife Helena Dragaš ... When Theodore was a little over ten years old, his father proclaimed him a despot (despotēs) and appointed him to govern Morea after the death of his uncle Theodore I ... Theodore II's enemies in that period included the Republic of Venice, which sent troops to impede his attempt to conquer Patras ...