The Low End Theory - Track Listing

Track Listing

All songs produced by A Tribe Called Quest, except "Show Business" and "Everything Is Fair", produced by Skeff Anselm and co-produced by A Tribe Called Quest.

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Excursions" Jonathan Davis 3:53
2. "Buggin' Out" Davis, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Malik Taylor 3:38
3. "Rap Promoter" Davis, Muhammad 2:13
4. "Butter" Davis, Muhammad, Taylor 3:39
5. "Verses from the Abstract" (featuring Vinia Mojica and Ron Carter on double bass) Davis 3:59
6. "Show Business" (featuring Diamond D, Lord Jamar and Sadat X) Skeff Anselm, Davis, Lorenzo Dechalus, Joseph Kirkland, Muhammad, Derrick Murphy, Taylor 3:53
7. "Vibes and Stuff" Davis, Taylor 4:18
8. "The Infamous Date Rape" Davis, Muhammad, Taylor 2:54
9. "Check the Rhime" Davis, Muhammad, Taylor 3:36
10. "Everything Is Fair" Anselm, Davis, Muhammad, Taylor 2:58
11. "Jazz (We've Got)" Davis, Muhammad, Taylor 4:09
12. "Skypager" Davis, Muhammad, Taylor 2:13
13. "What?" Davis 2:29
14. "Scenario" (featuring Busta Rhymes, Charlie Brown and Dinco D of Leaders of the New School) Davis, Bryan Higgins, James Jackson, Muhammad, Trevor Smith, Taylor 4:10

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