Tel Aviv - Twin Towns and Sister Cities

Twin Towns and Sister Cities

Tel Aviv has a partnership with Los Angeles, and is twinned with:

  • Toulouse, France since 1962
  • Philadelphia, USA, since 1966
  • Cologne, Germany since 1979
  • Frankfurt, Germany, since 1980
  • Bonn, Germany since 1983
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina, since 1988
  • Budapest, Hungary, since 1989
  • Belgrade, Serbia, since 1990
  • Warsaw, Poland, since 1992
  • Essen, Germany, since 1992
  • Sofia, Bulgaria since 1992
  • Cannes, France since 2010
  • Łódź, Poland, since 1994
  • Milan, Italy, since 1994
  • Thessaloniki, Greece, since 1994
  • Beijing, China, since 1995
  • New York City, United States since 1996
  • Barcelona, Spain, since 1998
  • Almaty, Kazakhstan since 1999
  • Chisinau, Moldova since 2000
  • Incheon, South Korea since 2000
  • Moscow, Russia since 2001
  • São Paulo, Brazil, since 2004
  • Vienna, Austria, since 2005
  • Paris, France since 2010

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