Targetmaster - 1988 Targetmasters

1988 Targetmasters

The 1988 Transformers, consisting of entirely new characters, were Double Targetmasters, equipped with two Nebulons who would each transform into a gun, and could combine together into one singular weapon.

Autobot Targetmasters

  • Landfill (dump truck) with Flintlock and Silencer
  • Quickmix (concrete mixer) with Ricochet and Boomer
  • Scoop (payloader) with Tracer and Holepunch

Decepticon Targetmasters

  • Needlenose (F-16XL fighter jet) with Zigzag and Sunbeam
  • Quake (Leopard 2 tank) with Tiptop and Heater
  • Spinister (AH-64 Apache helicopter) with Singe and Hairsplitter

Additionally, the combining sub-group, the Seacons, were sold under the Targetmasters banner, due to their ability to become weapons that could be wielded by their combined form, Piranacon. For information on those characters, see their own article.

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