Tableless Web Design - The Use of Tables

The Use of Tables

On the one hand, because of the term "tableless web design", some have interpreted this design strategy as an unconditional repudiation of all tables in web design. This has caused some to avoid tables even when tables are appropriate. Using divisions to simulate a table for the display of tabular data is as much a design flaw as using tables to control graphic and page layout. Some sources clarify this distinction by using the more specific term "tableless web layout".

On the other hand, using tables in web design, although most common, does not necessarily equate to using the table element defined in HTML 4.0. CSS also specifies a "table model" which allows the layout of tables to be applied to any element using the "display: table" CSS declaration. One reason this technique is sometimes overlooked is the lack of support for the CSS table model in Internet Explorer versions earlier than 8. Internet Explorer 8 is the first version of the browser to support the CSS table model.

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