Super Scope

The Super Scope, or Nintendo Scope in Europe and Australia, is the official Super Nintendo light gun. The successor to the NES Zapper, the Super Scope was released in the European and North American markets, with a limited release in Japan due to a lack of consumer demand. It is a wireless gun and uses an infrared receiver which plugs into the right port of the console, comparable to the Menacer for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. It has two action buttons, a pause button, a power switch and is powered by six AA batteries.

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... Super Scope 6 (スーパースコープ6?), known as Nintendo Scope 6 in Europe and Australia, was the title Nintendo bundled with the Super Scope for the Super NES ... As the name suggests, the cartridge contains six games that require the Super Scope to play ...
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Light Gun - Design - Cathode Ray Timing
... The second method, used by the Super Nintendo Entertainment System's Super Scope and computer light pens, is more elaborate and more accurate ... refresh rate through the controller's connector (as in the Super Scope), or the gun reads the composite video signal through a T-connector on the A/V cable (as in the ... Many guns of this type (including the Super Scope) ignore red light, as red phosphors have a much slower rate of decay than green or blue phosphors ...
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... A Super Scope was painted black and grey and used a prop in the Super Mario Bros film ... The Super Scope shows up as an item in Super Smash Bros ... Melee for the Nintendo GameCube and Super Smash Bros ...

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