Substance Dualism

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Metaphysicians - Central Questions - Mind and Matter
... René Descartes proposed substance dualism, a theory in which mind and body are essentially different, with the mind having some of the attributes traditionally ... mind, such as the Phineas Gage case, have made this form of dualism increasingly unpopular ... Idealism is a monistic theory which holds that there is a single universal substance or principle ...
Dualism (philosophy Of Mind) - Types of Mind–body Dualism - Substance Dualism
... Substance dualism is a type of dualism most famously defended by Descartes, which states that there are two fundamental kinds of substance mental ... According to his philosophy, which is specifically called Cartesian dualism, the mental does not have extension in space, and the material cannot think ... Substance dualism is important historically for having given rise to much thought regarding the famous mind–body problem ...
Mahmoud Khatami - Ontetic Model of Subjectivity - Step One: Rethinking The Transcendental Subjectivity - The Body-Mind Relation
... presents us a theory to remove, in the ontetic field, the dualism of body-mind in the light of Sadraean theory of Being to accord with our everyday experience ... are usually of the order of the "as if" because they presuppose dualism ... On the contrary, to Khatami, the mind is a substance which is immaterial in essence while material in origin and performance ...

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    Just as a chemist “isolates” a substance from contaminations that distort his view of its nature and effects, so the work of art purifies significant appearance. It presents abstract themes in their generality, but not reduced to diagrams.
    Rudolf Arnheim (b. 1904)