• (adj): Situated on or below the floor of the eye socket.
    Example: "A suborbital bone"
    Synonyms: subocular
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Suborbital Spaceflight In 2009
... A number of Suborbital spaceflights were conducted during 2009, consisting of sounding rocket missions and missile tests ...
Tier 1b
... Tier 1b is the suborbital commercial human spaceflight platform being developed by The Spaceship Company (TSC), a joint venture of Scaled Composites and ... primary components are the White Knight Two carrier aircraft and the SpaceShipTwo suborbital spaceplane, which is expected to begin flying space tourists ...
List Of Titan Launches - Launches - 1961
20 January 2053 Titan I AJ-10 CCAFS LC-19 Suborbital Failure Mk.4 REV 10 February 0555 Titan I AJ-11 CCAFS LC-20 Suborbital Successful Mk.4 REV 20 February Titan I AJ-13 CCAFS LC-19 Suborbital ...
List Of Titan Launches - Launches - 1962
21 January 0057 Titan I SM-4 VAFB LC-395-A3 Suborbital Successful 29 January 2330 Titan I M-7 CCAFS LC-19 Suborbital Successful Mk.4 REV 23 February ...
List Of Titan Launches - Launches - 1963
10 January Titan II N-15 CCAFS LC-16 Suborbital Failure Mk.6 REV 29 January Titan I SM-8 VAFB LC-395-A1 Suborbital Successful 6 February 1759 Titan II N-16 CCAFS LC-15 Suborbital ...

More definitions of "suborbital":

  • (adj): Having or involving a trajectory of less than one orbit.
    Example: "The first manned suborbital flight"