Stig may refer to:

  • Stig (given name), a Scandinavian given name
  • Stig (singer), a Finnish singer/rapper
  • Stig (Serbia), a region in eastern Serbia
  • The Stig, the masked driver in the British television show Top Gear
  • STIG - the Security Technical Implementation Guide, a computing security methodology
  • The title character of Stig of the Dump, a children's book and two TV series
  • The title character of Stig's Inferno, a comic by Ty Templeton
  • Stig O'Hara, the fictional lead guitarist for The Rutles

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Stig Van Eijk
... Stig Andre van Eijk (born March 21, 1981) is a Norwegian singer, composer and lyricist ... Stig Andre van Eijk is known for his Eurovision career ...
Stig Andersen Hvide
... Stig Andersen Hvide (died December 1293) was a Danish nobleman and magnate, known as the leading man among the outlaws after the murder of King Eric V of Denmark ... In Danish tradition, he is known as Marsk Stig ...
Stig H. Hästö
... Stig H ... Author of an autobiography (Hästö Stig H ... syyskuuta–Stig Hästö, suomalainen teollisuusjohtaja, vuorineuvos) ...
Sällskapsresan - Plot
... The plot follows a stuffy, nerdy Swede, Stig-Helmer Olsson (Lasse Åberg), who travels to the fictional town of Nueva Estocolmo in Gran Canaria ... Levander then cons Stig-Helmer into smuggling money to Nueva Estocolmo for another of the travellers, Gösta Angerud (Roland Jansson) by telling him ... Unknown to Stig-Helmer, the money is stuffed in a bread loaf.) Among the other travellers are two middle-aged women, Maj-Britt (Lottie Ejebrandt) and Siv (Kim Anderzon) the ...