Stay-behind - List of Certain Known Stay-behind Plans

List of Certain Known Stay-behind Plans

  • Auxiliary Units (United Kingdom)
  • Attack on the WSA (Luxembourg)
  • O&I (nl) (Netherlands) (The Dutch secret stay-behind organisation was the only non connected NATO organisation in Europe.)
  • Operation Gladio (Italy, although working in many countries)
    • Lochos Oreinon Katadromon, or LOK (Greece)
    • Operation (Red) Sheepskin (Greece)
    • OWSGV (Austria)
    • Plan Bleu, La Rose des Vents, and Arc-en-ciel (France)
    • ROC (Norway)
    • SDRA8 and STC/Mob (Belgium)
    • Bund Deutscher Jugend – Technischer Dienst, or TD BJD (Germany)
    • Ergenekon (Turkey)
  • Nihtilä-Haahti plan (Finland)
  • Projekt-26 (P-26, Switzerland)
  • Werwolf (Nazi Germany)
  • Regional Force Surveillance Units (Australia), non-secret units of the Royal Australian Corps of Infantry with officially acknowledged 'stay-behind' duties.
  • Arla gryning (sv) and Informationsbyrån ('IB') in Sweden.

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