Staged Combustion

Staged combustion is a method for reducing nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions from combustion. There are two methods - air staged supply and fuel staged supply. Applications include boilers and rocket engines.

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Chemical Automatics Design Bureau - Notable Engine Designs
... Molniya, 3rd stage, RD-0120 11D122, RO-200 Staged Combustion 455 ... LOX/LH2 3450 1967–1983 Energia, core, RD-0124 14D451M, 14D23 Staged Combustion 359 ... LOX/K ...
Staged Combustion Cycle (rocket)
... The staged combustion cycle, also called topping cycle or pre-burner cycle, is a thermodynamic cycle of bipropellant rocket engines ... The exhausted gas is then injected into the main combustion chamber, along with the rest of the propellant, and combustion is completed ... The advantage of the staged, or "closed", combustion cycle is that all of the engine cycles' gases and heat go through the combustion chamber ...

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