SQL Server

SQL Server may refer to:

  • Any database server that implements the Structured Query Language
  • Microsoft SQL Server, a relational database server from Microsoft
  • Sybase SQL Server, a relational database server developed by Sybase
  • SQL Server (magazine), a trade publication and web site owned by Penton Media

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Mobile Database System Architecture - Microsoft SQL Server Compact (formerly SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition)
... Microsoft SQL Server Compact (SSC) is a small footprint embedded database designed for developers who target Microsoft Windows mobile-based devices or desktops ... It provides synchronization with Microsoft SQL Server, programming APIs, integrated development experience through Visual Studio and a Management Studio ...
SQL Server Management Objects
... SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) are.NET objects introduced by Microsoft as of Microsoft SQL Server 2005, designed to allow for easy and simple programmatic management of Microsoft SQL Server ... Using SMO.NET programmers can design applications similar in functionality to Microsoft's SQL Server Management Studio ... SMO objects come with SQL Server 2005, and are included in the Express version ...
SQL Azure
... Windows Azure SQL Database (formerly SQL Azure, SQL Server Data Services, and later SQL Services) is a cloud-based service from Microsoft offering data-storage capabilities (similar to those of ... Unlike similar cloud-based databases, SQL Azure allows users to make relational queries against stored data, which can either be structured or semi-structured ... SQL Azure features querying data, search, data analysis and data synchronization ...
SQL Server Compact - Overview
... SQL Server Compact shares a common API with the other Microsoft SQL Server editions ... Unlike other editions of Microsoft SQL Server, SQL CE runs in-process with the application which is hosting it ... SQL CE is optimized for an architecture where all applications share the same memory pool ...