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... – The Bass Anglers Sportsman Society is a fishing membership organization with more than a half a million members ... is a statutory body set up to advocate for recreational hunting and fishing in New Zealand ... Fishingkaki – is one of the world's largest fishing internet-based message board and is based in Singapore ...

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    I confess I was surprised to find that so many men spent their whole day, ay, their whole lives almost, a-fishing. It is remarkable what a serious business men make of getting their dinners, and how universally shiftlessness and a groveling taste take refuge in a merely ant-like industry. Better go without your dinner, I thought, than be thus everlastingly fishing for it like a cormorant. Of course, viewed from the shore, our pursuits in the country appear not a whit less frivolous.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    For generations, a wide range of shooting in Northern Ireland has provided all sections of the population with a pastime which ... has occupied a great deal of leisure time. Unlike many other countries, the outstanding characteristic of the sport has been that it was not confined to any one class.
    —Northern Irish Tourist Board. quoted in New Statesman (London, Aug. 29, 1969)