Southern Uplands

The Southern Uplands are the southernmost and least populous of mainland Scotland's three major geographic areas (the others being the Central Lowlands and the Highlands). The term is used both to describe the geographical region and to collectively denote the various ranges of hills within this region. The Southern Uplands lie south of the Southern Uplands Fault line that runs from Ballantrae on the Ayrshire coast northeastwards to Dunbar in East Lothian on the North Sea coast, a distance of some 220 km (140 mi). In geological terms, the Southern Uplands consist mainly of Silurian deposits laid down from 400-500 million years ago and pushed up from the sea bed into an accretionary wedge by the collision of ancient continents. The majority of the rocks are weakly metamorphosed coarse greywacke. An overwhelmingly rural and mainly agricultural region, the Southern Uplands are partly forested and contain many areas of open moorland.

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Southern Uplands - Culture
... The Southern Uplands and especially those areas adjacent to the Anglo-Scottish border have a troubled and bloody history ... The Common Riding festivals of many Southern Upland towns such as Jedburgh, Kelso, Hawick, Peebles, Selkirk and Langholm recall this history, re-enacting the practice ... Scott also portrayed the social history, folklore and traditions of the Southern Uplands in several of his prose and verse works (such as The Lay of the Last Minstrel ...
Medieval Scotland - Geography
... are divided into the fertile belt of the Central Lowlands and the higher terrain of the Southern Uplands, which included the Cheviot hills, over which the ... However, the Southern Uplands, and particularly the Highlands were economically less productive and much more difficult to govern ... of protection, as minor English incursions had to cross the difficult southern uplands and the two major attempts at conquest by the English, under Edward I and then Edward III, were unable to penetrate the ...
Geology Of Somerset - Southern Uplands
... To the south of Somerset there is an upland with a series of rolling valleys and scarps, from Penselwood in the east to the Blackdown Hills, another designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty ...
Environment Of Scotland - Environment of Scotland - Land
... The Central Lowlands and the Southern Uplands lie to the south of this fault line ... The Southern Uplands Fault separates these two geographical areas ... are characterised by their large areas of upland plateau ...
Geography Of Scotland - Physical Geography - Topography, Mountains and Hills - Southern Uplands
... The southern 20% or so of the country makes up the Southern Uplands, a pastoral upland area characterised by lines of hills divided by broad valleys ... Lammermuir Hills are several of the local ranges which make up the Southern Uplands ... In addition to the main upland zones in southern Scotland there are many individual hills, not part of any range ...

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    Thanks to the morning light,
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    My mother bore me in the southern wild,
    And I am black, but O! my soul is white;
    William Blake (1757–1827)