SLU may refer to:

  • Schedule Loss of use
  • Spoken language understanding

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Sluch River (Belarus)
... (Belarussian Случ, Паўночная Случ Lithuanian Slučė, Šiaurinė Slučė Slovak Sluč, Severní Sluč) is a river of Belarus ...
... Pre-mRNA splicing occurs in two sequential transesterification steps ... The protein encoded by this gene is a splicing factor that has been found to be essential during the second catalytic step in the pre-mRNA splicing process ...
Sluštice - History
... The first written record dates back to 1223 when the village was a property of Mstidruh of Sluštice ... It is an evidence that Sluštice was among significant villages ... The village of Sluštice belonged to the Královice and Křenice estates ...
Sports In St. Louis, Missouri - College Sports
... Saint Louis University (SLU) plays in the NCAA Division 1 Atlantic 10 conference ... SLU dropped football as an intercollegiate sport in 1949, but SLU is best known for its men's basketball and men's soccer programs ... SLU men's soccer led the NCAA in average attendance in 1999, 2001, and 2003, drawing over 2,700 fans per match each season ...