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Sirenik Eskimo Language - Classification - Genealogical - External
... Some argue that the Sirenik language is a remnant of a third group of Eskimo languages, in addition to Yupik and Inuit groups, see online a visual representation by tree and an ... In fact, the exact genealogical classification of Sireniki language is not settled yet, and some others regard it belonging to the Yupik branch ... has several peculiarities compared to other Eskimo languages, and even compared to Aleut ...
Sirenik Eskimos - Language - Contacts
... The difference of the language (even from its neighboring Eskimo relatives) amounted to the extent that Sireniki Eskimos were forced at a time to use ... Thus, contacts between Sireniki Eskimos and Siberian Yupik meant using a different language for Sireniki Eskimos they either resorted to use of lingua franca, or used ...
Shamanism Among Eskimo Peoples - Shamanism in Various Eskimo Groups - Sireniki Eskimos
... Sireniki Eskimos formerly spoke with a very peculiar Eskimo language in Siberia, before they underwent a language shift rendering it extinct ... The peculiarities of this Sireniki idiom among Eskimo languages amount to the extent that it is proposed by some to classify it as a standalone third branch of Eskimo languages (along with ... language death of this peculiar remnant means that now the cultural identity of Sireniki Eskimos is maintained through other aspects slight dialectical difference in ...

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