Sindhi Language - Dialects


i. Sindhi Saraiki, a form of Saraiki language regarded as a dialect of Sindhi; spoken mainly in Upper Sindh. Shown in orange.

ii. Vicholi, in Vicholo, Central Sindh. Shown in yellow. Vicholi is the basis for standardised Sindhi.

iii. Lari, in Laru (Lower Sindh). Shown in grey.

iv. Lasi, in Lasbelo, a part of Kohistan in Baluchistan and the western part of Sindh. Shown in green.

v. Thari or Thareli, also known as Dhatki in Tharu, the desert region on the southeast border of Sindh and a part of the Jaisalmer district in Rajasthan. Shown in purple.

vi. Kachhi or Kutchi, in the Kutch region and in a part of Kathiawar in Gujarat, in southern Sindh. Shown in blue.

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