Silver Chaos

Silver Chaos is a Japanese BL video game made by the softwarehouse Vivid Color and artworked by Takatsuki Noboru . The game has since been unofficially translated by Onadoru Euphoria

As with most of the yaoi video games, it features a story developing in text and illustrations, in which the player is sometimes called to make a choice and decide what the protagonist will do.

The story of Silver Chaos is set in an hypothetical fantasy role-playing game world, which once was menaced by a cruel demonic entity called Hadeus. The terrible war which followed had left many orphans, and one of them is Might. Raised up without his parents, with the only company of his older friend Adonis (another orphan), Might became an ambitious teenager training for his dream to become a soldier of the royal army. One day, though, Might found himself terribly wounded after falling off a cliff while training. Adonis, who loved Might over anything else, used a forbidden dark spell to save his life. So Might's life was saved... but Adonis mysteriously disappeared.

Might will then go on a quest to find out what has happened to his beloved Adonis, meeting a rather wide range of handsome characters – each one with a peculiar personality – who will either join him in his quest or become an obstacle to it. The player, after making the appropriate choices, will be able to pair up the protagonist with one of the characters he will meet.

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