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Proto-Algonquian Language - Phonology - Phonological Processes
... All words began with a single consonant (other than *h) or vowel, or with a consonant plus *w or *y there were no sequences of consecutive vowels and the word always ended in ... The vowels *i and *o never occurred in initial syllables ... two-syllable nouns from ending in a sequence of short vowel + consonant + short vowel ...
Ashre - Text
... that, while the majority of Hebrew Bibles spell the first word of this verse with a long vowel - זֵכֶר (zaykher), many prayerbooks print this word with a short vowel - זֶכֶר (zekher ... or a "reminder", and both occur elsewhere in the Hebrew Bible, although the long vowel form occurs more often ... The short vowel (six dots) reading does appear in this verse in several important early editions of the Hebrew Bible, such as the first four editions of the ...
Simplified Spelling Board - Handbook of Simplified Spelling
... double consonant drop the last letter, but with –LL only after a short vowel, and with –SS only in monosyllables add→ad, bill→bil, bluff→bluf, doll→dol, egg→eg, glass→glas ... GM pronounced /m/ use M apothegm→apothem, paradigm→paradim –GUE after a consonant, a short vowel or a digraph representing a long vowel or ... /aɪz/ use –IZE advertise→advertize, analyse→analize, rise→rize –MB after a short vowel use M bomb→bom, crumb→crum But not after a long vowel as in comb, tomb, a.s.f ...
Phonological History Of English Consonants - Approximants - L-vocalization and L-dropping
... some kind of diphthongalization or compensatory lengthening effect on the preceding vowel ... Other irregularly affected examples include salmon and solder, both with short vowels but a silent /l/ ... not affected, retaining both its regular vowel and its pronounced /l/ ...
... unit of sound that can distinguish words by duration only of a vowel or consonant ... Most languages have differences in length of vowels or consonants, but in the case of most languages it would not be treated phonemically or ... single segment /ai/ or as the sequence of a consonant and vowel /aj/ ...

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    Brute animals have the vowel sounds; man only can utter consonants.
    Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772–1834)

    The individual, the great artist when he comes, uses everything that has been discovered or known about his art up to that point, being able to accept or reject in a time so short it seems that the knowledge was born with him, rather than that he takes instantly what it takes the ordinary man a lifetime to know, and then the great artist goes beyond what has been done or known and makes something of his own.
    Ernest Hemingway (1899–1961)