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Mathematics and Science

  • Series (botany), a taxonomic rank between genus and species
  • Series (mathematics), the sum of a sequence of terms
  • Series circuits, a kind of electrical network
  • Seriation (archaeology), a method of dating objects
  • Seriation (semiotics), a concept in interpreting phenomena
  • Series (stratigraphy), a stratigraphic unit deposited during a certain interval of geologic time

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... Toeplitz's father and grandfather were mathematics teachers ... Toeplitz studied mathematics in the University of Breslau and was awarded a doctorate in algebraic geometry in 1905 ... Mathematics faculty included David Hilbert, Felix Klein, and Hermann Minkowski ...
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Famous quotes containing the words mathematics and, science and/or mathematics:

    I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy.
    John Adams (1735–1826)

    The puritanical potentialities of science have never been forecast. If it evolves a body of organized rites, and is established as a religion, hierarchically organized, things more than anything else will be done in the name of “decency.” The coarse fumes of tobacco and liquors, the consequent tainting of the breath and staining of white fingers and teeth, which is so offensive to many women, will be the first things attended to.
    Wyndham Lewis (1882–1957)

    It is a monstrous thing to force a child to learn Latin or Greek or mathematics on the ground that they are an indispensable gymnastic for the mental powers. It would be monstrous even if it were true.
    George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950)