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Currently, the Consumer R&D Division focuses on development of game software for consoles, handhelds and mobiles. The division is headed by Toshihiro Nagoshi The Amusement R&D Division focuses on the development of game software for arcade and slot machines. The division is headed by Hiroshi Yagi.

SEGA Studios
Consumer Entertainment R&D Division
  • Sonic Team – Sonic the Hedgehog series, Phantasy Star series, Puyo Puyo series, Nights into Dreams
  • New Entertainment R&D Dept. – Yakuza series, Super Monkey Ball series
  • Ryū ga Gotoku Studio – Binary Domain, Yakuza 5
  • SEGA Sports R&D – Mario and Sonic series, Virtua Striker 4
  • SEGA Networks –

Amusement R&D Division

  • AM Software R&D Dept. 1 – Valkyria Chronicles series, The House of the Dead series,
  • AM Software R&D Dept. 2 – Virtua Fighter series, Daytona USA series, After Burner series, Out Run series, Virtua Cop series, Shenmue series
  • AM Software R&D Dept. 3 – Initial D series, Crazy Taxi series, Virtual On series, Virtua Tennis series
  • Family Entertainment R&D Dept. –

Acquired Studios

  • The Creative Assembly – Total War series, Viking Battle for Asgard,
  • SEGA Studios Australia – London 2012,
  • Sports Interactive – Football Manager series,
  • Three Rings Design – Doctor Who: Worlds in Time, Spiral Knights
  • Hardlight -

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