Sculptural Ensemble of Constantin Brâncuşi At Târgu Jiu - Ensemble


Two other pieces constitute the ensemble. The Table of Silence is a circular stone table surrounded by twelve hourglass-seats, which symbolize the time. The Table represents the moment before the battle on which the combatants were going to participate. Nevertheless, the seats are not located close to the edges of the table. The Gate of the Kiss, of Banpotoc travertine (marble), features a kiss motif on the gate pillars. The transition to an other life occurs through the Gate of Kiss. The Ensemble has been inaugurated on 27th October 1938. In the epoch called "socialist Realism", Brâncuși has been challenged as one of the exponents of the cosmopolitan bourgeois formalism. Just in 1964 Brâncuși has been "rediscovered" in Romania as a national genius and, consequently, the Ensemble of Târgu Jiu has been restored, after a long period of degradation.

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