Scouting and Guiding in Egypt - Structure and Program

Structure and Program

Most Scout troops are associated with schools, clubs, mosques and churches. Rover units are associated with high schools and universities. Egyptian Scouts play an important role in community service. They are involved in projects of desert reclamation, work camps, blood drives, medical care and other projects.

Scouts are offered vocational training and the skills needed to help develop communities. Scouts learn the importance of planting trees where firewood is scarce, building energy efficient stoves and making good use of their skills of carpentry, electricity and plumbing.

The EFSGG has four central associations:

  • Boy Scouts
  • Sea Scouts
  • Air Scouts
  • Girl Guides - Gamiet Morshidat Gomhoriet Misr al Arabiah

Each of these central association has a correspondent regional association in the 26 governorates of Egypt; a coordination committee in each governorate organizes the activities and the cooperation between the associations.

  • The Girl Guides association has three age divisions:

The Cairo International Scout Center is a lavish six-floor building next to Cairo International Stadium that welcomes all Scouts, nonScout organizations and individual guests. The home of the Arab Scout Region, it hosts both conference areas and hostel quarters. In addition, Egypt has a national Scout center, El-Seleen.

The Scout Motto is Kun Musta'idan or كن مستعداً, translating as Be Prepared in Arabic. The noun for a single Scout is Kashaf or كشاف in Arabic.

The Scout emblem incorporates elements of each of the four central associations, as well as a lotus.

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