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Ottoman Rule

In 1596, under Ottoman rule, Salama was a village in the nahiya of Ramla (liwa of Gaza), with a population of 94. It paid taxes on a number of crops, including wheat and barley, as well as on other types of property, such as goats and beehives. In the late nineteenth century, the village was described as being built of adobe brick, with a few gardens and wells.

In 1931, the town had a population of 3,691 inhabitants according to a census conducted by the British Mandate authorities.

An elementary school for boys was opened in 1920, and by 1941 it had 504 boys enrolled. In 1936 an elementary school for girls was opened, which had 121 girls enrolled by 1941.

In 1944/45 the town had 6,730 inhabitants, of whom 6,670 were Muslims and 60 Christians.

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