Sabbatine Privilege

The Sabbatine Privilege derived its name from the apocryphal Papal Bull Sacratissimo uti culmine of Pope John XXII, dated 3 March, 1322, according to which the pope declared that the Mother of God appeared to him, and most urgently recommended to him the Carmelite Order and its confratres and consorores (respectively male and female members of the confraternity).

The Sabbatine privilege consists in the early liberation from Purgatory, through the special intercession and petition of the Virgin Mary, which she exercises preferentially on the day consecrated to her, Saturday.

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Scapular - History
... A scapular promise historically known as the Sabbatine privilege, was associated with an apocryphal Papal Bull allegedly by Pope John XXII ... has denied the validity of this document since 1613 and forbade the Carmelites to preach the Sabbatine privilege, an admonition which they did not always adhere to ... materials that they do not promulgate the Sabbatine privilege, and are at one with official church teaching on the matter ...
Rosary And Scapular - Parallel Histories - Early History
... The Carmelite tradition of the Sabbatine Privilege in the 16th century, coincided with the challenges faced by the Church in Rome with respect to the Protestant Reformation which had started in the early part ... The Sabbatine Privilege's focus on the Purgatory, was viewed favorably by a number of Catholic preachers for it clarified the concept of Purgatory for the ... The introduction of the Sabbatine Privilege had a positive impact on the popularity of the Scapular, and the growth of the Carmelites, and over the centuries helped the ...
Sabbatine Privilege - Catechesis
... The Sabbatine privilege thus consists essentially in the early liberation from Purgatory, through the special intercession and petition of the Virgin Mary, which she graciously ... Furthermore, the conditions for the gaining of the privilege are of such a kind as justify a special trust in the assistance of Mary ... The Sabbatine Privilege or the historicity of the vision is not part of the deposit of faith ...

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