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Battle Of Grozny (1999–2000) - Siege
... The Russian ground troops advanced slowly, and Grozny was surrounded by late November 1999 ... two additional weeks of shelling and bombing were required before Russian troops were able to claim a foothold within any part of the heavily fortified city ... Russian ground forces met stiff resistance from rebel fighters as they moved forward, using a slow, neighborhood-by-neighborhood advance with the fighting focused on a strategic hill overlooking ...
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - Plot
... military company Watchgate to Peshawar, Pakistan, where they capture Russian arms dealer Katya Prugova to the Kola Peninsula in Russia, where the team destroys an arms cache at a remote ... The launch is traced to Dagestan and is believed to be the work of a rogue Russian special operations group known as Raven's Rock, of which Prugova was an associate, with ties to ultranationalist political ... The team is ordered into Dagestan to rescue a Georgian Special Forces squad who went to investigate the launch site ...
Siege Of Kolberg (Seven Years' War)
... Pomerania (now Kołobrzeg) was besieged by Russian forces three times ... In the sieges of 1760 and 1761, the Russian forces were supported by Swedish auxiliaries ... port on the Baltic Coast, while at the same the Russian forces were able to take winter quarters in Pomerania ...
Siege Of Van - The Aftermath - The First Evacuation, July 1915
... On 5 June, the north shores of lake Van were devoid of Ottomans forces ... Russians were threatening to move toward Mush ... The Russian army moved its forces from the Van province to the town of Malazgirt for a new offensive into Anatolia toward Mush ...
Timeline Of The 2008 South Ossetia War - Detailed Timeline - August 20–22: Russian Withdrawal
... A claim was made by an official from the Poti port that the Russian military had withdrawn ... However, Russian forces have remained in the port as of August 22, "excavating trenches, setting up mortars and blocking a key bridge with armored personnel carriers and trucks." Despite selective Russian ... There was question as to whether or not Russian forces would have left the area fully by Friday, as they had stated they would since Tuesday ...

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