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Decline Of The Roman Empire - Overview
... The Roman Empire emerged from the Roman Republic when Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar transformed it from a republic into a monarchy ... Emperor but in the next year the magister militum Orestes revolted and made his son Romulus Augustus emperor ... Romulus, however, was not recognized by the Eastern Emperor Zeno and so was technically an usurper, Nepos still being the legal Western Emperor ...
The Last Legion - Historical Notes - Romulus Augustus and The "Fall of The Roman Empire"
... Although Orestes proclaimed his son, Romulus Augustus (derisively called Augustulus, meaning "little Augustus") Emperor, the proclamation was not recognized as legitimate beyond the parts of the Italian ... The common identification of Augustus as the "last Western Emperor" dates only from the publication of British historian Edward Gibbon's History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire in the late Eighteenth ... At the time of his proclamation as Emperor, Romulus Augustus was 16, older than portrayed in the film ...
Augustulus - In Popular Culture
... includes a heavily fictionalized account of the reign and subsequent life of Romulus Augustus escaping captivity with the aid of a small band of loyal Romans, he escapes to ... character known as Tyrannus has the "real name" of "Romulus Augustus", and originates in ancient Rome ... The play Romulus the Great (1950), by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, an "Ungeschichtliche historische Komödie" (unhistorical historical comedy) about the reign of "Romulus Augustus" and the end of ...

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