Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder may refer to:

  • Operation Rolling Thunder, a U.S. bombing campaign during the Vietnam War
  • Rolling Thunder (organization), an MIA/POW organization
  • Rolling Thunder (person), a Native American medicine man and activist
  • Rolling Thunder Mountain, Wyoming, U.S.

In music:

  • Rolling Thunder Revue, Bob Dylan's 1975 – 1976 musical tour
  • The Bootleg Series Vol. 5: Bob Dylan Live 1975, The Rolling Thunder Revue, a live album recorded during the tour
  • Rolling Thunder (album), an album by Mickey Hart
  • "Rolling Thunder" (march), a march written by Henry Fillmore
  • "Rolling Thunder", a song by a-ha from East of the Sun, West of the Moon

In other media:

  • Rolling Thunder (film), a 1977 film starring William Devane
  • Rolling Thunder (1996 film), a film co-written and co-produced by Ian Abrams
  • Rolling Thunder Pictures, a film distribution company
  • Rolling Thunder (journal), an anarchist periodical
  • Rolling Thunder (novel), a novel by John Varley
  • Rolling Thunder, a comics publishing company operated by Dave Dorman

In sports, games and amusements:

  • Rolling Thunder (arcade game), a side-scrolling action video game by Namco originally released in 1986
  • Rolling Thunder (roller coaster), at Six Flags Great Adventure
  • Rolling Thunder skate park, in London
  • Rolling Thunder (Strongman), an athletic event
  • Rolling Thunder, a professional wrestling attack
  • Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race, the premier cycling event

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... During that show, he also launched his new career retrospective book, ROLLING THUNDER The Art of Dave Dorman, which is published by IDW Publishing and Desperado ... Dorman's own company, Rolling Thunder, publishes art books and limited edition litho prints ... Publishing, is putting out the new book "Rolling Thunder The Art of Dave Dorman." A special edition issue will launch at San Diego Comic-Con International ...
GNC Grip Gauntlet - History
... for the supporting grip challenge should be replaced with the IronMind Rolling Thunder. 3 Captains of Crush gripper, the Rolling Thunder, and an implement called the Blob ... In early 2009, the weight of the Rolling Thunder was dropped from 212 lbs to 207 lbs, to correspond with Ironmind's new version of the Rolling Thunder ...
Viet Cong And Vietnam People's Army Logistics And Equipment - The Struggle Against US Bombing - The Aerial Onslaught
... The initial American ROLLING THUNDER campaign while inflicting painful local damage, did not halt the continual stream of man and material into the south ... ROLLING THUNDER imposed several limitations on US operations, and allowed Soviet and Chinese ships freedom to continuously pump munitions and supplies into the ... than the previous 3 years of ROLLING THUNDER, particularly as the Easter Offensive brought communist forces out into the open ...
Lil' Thunder
... Lil' Thunder was a steel non looping children's rollercoaster that operated from 1975 to 1983 at Six Flags Great Adventure ... After the Rolling Thunder roller coaster was built and opened in 1979, The Kiddie Coaster was renamed "Lil' Thunder" because it was adjacent to that coaster and was for ... Green Lantern Kingda Ka Nitro Road Runner Railway Rolling Thunder Runaway Mine Train Skull Mountain Superman Ultimate Flight Other attractions Adventure Alley Air Jumbo Congo Rapids ...
Code Name: Viper - Gameplay
... The gameplay system is similar to Namco's 1986 arcade game Rolling Thunder ... Like in Rolling Thunder, the player can jump or drop down between floors by holding the directional pad up or down and pressing the jump button, as well as enter doors to obtain power-ups or avoid enemies ... Unlike Rolling Thunder, the player can shoot while jumping and can also change directions during midair ...

Famous quotes containing the words thunder and/or rolling:

    After night’s thunder far away had rolled
    The fiery day had a kernel sweet of cold
    Edward Thomas (1878–1917)

    The rolling English drunkard made the rolling English road.
    A reeling road, a rolling road, that rambles round the shire.
    Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1874–1936)