Rodi Garganico

Rodi Garganico (; locally Roud' or Rur' ) is an Italian town of 3,681 inhabitants, in the province of Foggia (Apulia). It forms part of Gargano National Park and Mountain Community of Gargano.

It is an important center for the production of citrus fruits such us Arance del Gargano (Gargano Oranges) and Lemon "Femminiello" of Gargano, both DOP products), produced since the Middle Age

As seaside resort, it has received for 12 years the Blue Flag awards dalla Foundation for Environmental Education. In 2012 it won three sails of Goletta Verde by Legambiente.

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... The origin of Rodi Garganico is related to the expansion of the Rodiis Argivi, a Greek population, that colonized the northern coasts of Apulia in the 8th century BC for their climate ... According to Cellarius and Theodor Mommsen, Rodi Garganico could have been rebuilt on the ruins of the mythical Uria destroyed after wars of the opposite opinion is the historian ... that the historians identify with the old harbour of Rodi Garganico, whose ruins were visible before the beginning of the 19th century ...