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Snookeroo - Writing and Release
... Ringo, when he approached Elton to write a song for him, told Elton to "make it nice and commercial" ... Elton said "Bernie wrote really simple lyrics, very Ringo type lyrics and I tried to write a simple sort of melody to it" ... The UK version of the single Apple R 6004 has "Oo-Wee" written by Ringo (Richard Starkey) and Vini Poncia on the 'B' side ...
Ringo, I Love You - Track Listing
... 7" Promo (Annette 1000) "Ringo, I Love You" - 150 "Beatle Blues (Instrumental)" - 200. ...
A Pistol For Ringo - Reaction
... A Pistol for Ringo was a huge success on the domestic market following its release in Italy on May 12 and in Spain on December 9, 1965 making over 17,379,404 ₧ (US $104,450) in Spain alone ... One scene which was cut includes Ringo removing the bullet from Sancho's shoulder ... was originally used to explain why Filipe, one of Sancho's henchmen wears a bandage on his hand (Ringo had previously broke his hand with a goblet) ...