Ring Structure

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Split-ring Resonator - Various Configurations - Several Types of SRR
... and specifically negative refractive index, there are different types of split-ring resonators ... Of the examples mentioned below most all of them have a gap in each ring ... In other words, with a double ring structure, each ring has a gap ...
Alternating Polynomial - Vandermonde Polynomial - Ring Structure
... Thus, denoting the ring of symmetric polynomials by Λn, the ring of symmetric and alternating polynomials is, or more precisely, where is a symmetric ... That is, the ring of symmetric and alternating polynomials is a quadratic extension of the ring of symmetric polynomials, where one has adjoined a square root of the discriminant ...
Cohesin - Mechanism of Action
... It is not clear how the cohesion ring links sister chromatids together ... Since cohesin has a ring structure, it is able to encircle both sister chromatids ... In addition, disturbing the ring structure of cohesin through cleavage of Smc3 or Scc1 triggers premature sister chromatid segregation in vivo ...
Witt Group - Ring Structure
... The Witt group of k can be given a commutative ring structure, by using the tensor product of two bilinear forms to define the ring product ... This is sometimes called the Witt ring W(k), though the term "Witt ring" is often also used for a completely different ring of Witt vectors ... To discuss the structure of this ring we assume that k is of characteristic not equal to 2, so that we may identify symmetric bilinear forms and quadratic forms ...

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